Costuming Overview

Some time ago it was suggested that I gather images of all my SCA costumes and accessories in one place to give an overview of my work over the years. Well, here it is. This page covers most of my personal costumes. The items are roughly in order of creation with the newest at the left.

In some instances the picture leaves something to be desired, and for that I apologise. For many years I did not bother to take pictures of my work, and so have no record of some garments.

Late 16th Century Ensembles

White Satin Saya Entera   1589 Satin Laced Gown (or Mongil Trancado)   1570s Saya Entera of Cutte Satin    1570s Black Wool English Gown   1589 Wool Ropa   Velvet & Silk Brocade Rounde Gowne   Middle Class Spanish Camping Ensemble   1570s Brocade Saya Entera   1580s Black Velvet Saya Entera   1570s Middle Class English Ensemble

Currently missing pictures of the red wool working class outfit and the 1565 red Spanish tourney dress.

Other Costumes

1495 Venetian Ensemble   Cavalier Gown of Satin   Frankish 'Arnegunde' Ensemble in linen and wool   French Cotehardie   Silk V-Neck Gown   c1600 Turkish Dance outfit   Linen Persian Ensemble   Linen German Gown   Twill German Dress   Velvet Sideless Surcoat   French, Gothic Cote  

Currently missing pictures of the linen Anglo-Saxon, the silk Mongolian, the wool Mongolian, the wool V-neck gown, the linen sideless surcoat, the white & gold brocade Caftan, the striped Caftan, the wool Norman Gown and the green "silk" dress that started it all.

Hats & Headwear

Velvet French Bonnet - a flatcap   Spanish Hat & Manto   Quilted Organza Caul   English, Pleated Silk Tall Hat   Velvet Spanish Bonnet   Silk Truncated Henin with Velvet Lapets   High Gothic, Padded Velvet Roll   French, Silk Tall Hat  

Currently missing pictures of numerous coifs and veils and a Spanish travelling hood.


Fighting Favour - decorated gloves Fur-lined, wool Countenance   Pearled and Embroidered Countenance   Papier Mache Mask   Linen Pouch   Black Corduroy German Pouch   Silver Spanish Cintura   Gold Spanish Cintura  

Currently missing pictures of numerous necklaces, several pouches, a couple of aprons, some pilgrim bags and a variety of shawls and cloaks.

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