Per Mano Isabel Maria



The following annotated galleries show only a small selection of Isabel Maria's projects. If you would like to chat to her about any of the items shown in these galleries, please email her at the gmail address beginning with amberherthe@.

Sartorial Arts

Black Spanish Dress Spanish Wardrobe

I have an enduring fascination with the elegant and yet somewhat severe style of Spanish Court fashions between 1560 and 1590 So much so, in fact, I changed my persona to match.

Red and cream Venetian ensemble Court Gowns

A few of my more elaborate (or expensive) gowns that I love to wear to high end events such as balls and feasts. These garments are usually modelled after the clothes worn by the nobility and upper classes from throughout the SCA period.

Black English Coat Tourney Garb

Some of my garments that I wear for tournaments, camping events and those occasions when I expect to be working hard. These outfits, from throught the SCA period, are generally more practical, and more easily laundered than Court Gowns.

Pleated silk tallhat Accessories

The difference that the right accessories make to a costume verges on the miraculous. Here are my current favourites.


Knock-down bench Camping

See the first steps in a long term plan to furnish my pavilion.

Enamelled Glass Feasting

There are many things that can elevate our enjoyment of events, and for me, personalised drinking glasses are but one example.