Galleries of Favourite Projects

The following galleries shows only a small selection of Isabel Maria's projects. (A relatively full overview of her wardrobe can be seen here.) If you would like to chat to Isabel Maria about any of the items shown in these galleries, please email her at her gmail address beginning with perchevron.

Sartorial Arts

Spanish Wardrobe
I have a fascination with the elegant and yet somewhat severe style of Spanish dress between 1560 and 1590. So much so, in fact, I changed my persona to match.

Court Gowns
A few of the more elaborate or expensive gowns that I love to wear to balls and feasts.

Tourney Garb
Some of my favourite outdoor and working garments, from a variety of times periods and locations.

Hats & Headwear
The difference that the right headwear makes to a costume verges on the miraculous. For that reason I am rather fond of hats.

Non-SCA Garments
The results of some brief forays into Regency, Victorian and Steampunk costuming. (Please excuse the preponderance of pink.)

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